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My World

Saturday, June 22, 2013

One Week Left

That's all we've got left of living in our first home.  The movers will be here next Saturday at 9:30 and then we'll be calling Viola home for awhile.  We are continuing to pack up stuff and make trips to the storage units.  It's hard packing since we still have time here and we are using stuff but I know it will all get has to.  Last night the hubs worked on his shop and I played outside with the boys.  Got a line drive to the leg from Landon and a few darn mosquito bites.  That is another reason why I like being inside....they eat me up!
Landon had VBS last week and even though he cried when Lance dropped him off the first day...he finally got over it & enjoyed going!

After VBS one day Landon and I got a special treat before picking up Bennett from school.  YUM!  Who doesn't love shaved ice?!?
I just found a fun app called 3initials that made my phone "oh so cute"!  We all need a monogram wallpaper/background!
I've been working on school stuff.  I know I shouldn't but this is a good time to think and find new ideas.  So I've been looking at Pinterest and blogs.  I found a new discipline chart that I really liked and went ahead and ordered it.
I like this writing center set up.
This is a classroom set up that gave me a new idea for mine.  Plus I want this rug for my room.
I like the organization stuff here!
Enjoy your weekend!  I'm going to go clean out stuff and pack a few more boxes!  YAH!


  1. So glad the boys were in VBS class together!

    I think Alexee's K-class had that same rug! Y'all have a busy week ahead--good luck!

  2. Love your ideas. I have a big Cricut machine that can cut many different styles of letters on any paper you want to use. Maybe while you're over here we can go to my classroom and work on some decorations.

    If Landon wants to do the Colossal Coaster World VBS again, we will be doing it at our church in July. It will be at night, and I'd love to take him with us if he wants to go. Logan said he could hang with him, or he can hang with me and sing all night.