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My World

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Sweet Landon

Landon is such a cutie!  He has done a great job with Bennett's arrival...even though he is sometimes sneaky. ;) 

He apparently grabbed my phone the other day and took some snapshots of himself.

So, why I say Landon is sneaky.  The other day I was attempting to walk on the treadmill and B was with me most of the time until he got cranky.  So I put him in his swing which is in the living room and turned the monitor on.  I could hear Landon pushing the swing faster and I'd tell him to get away because I could hear him doing it.  Well after a few minutes I hear the monitor shut off.  So I go in there and he was trying to pick up Bennett.  I said, "Landon what are you doing?"  And he just dropped him down back in the swing.  Now, it was only about an inch but still.  He said he wasn't comfortable in the swing.  Whatever!!!   

The other day at nap Landon told me to turn on the music (what he says when he's ready to close his eyes) and get my hair off his pillow.  So sweet to his momma. 

I love it when Landon says "Mom, I love you" or when he tells me I look pretty.  He is just so sweet and knows how to make you feel special.  I want Landon to always know that he's loved and to have good memories from his childhood when he's older.  He's very special to us! 


  1. His self-portraits are funny! Sweet, sweet (sneaky!) boy. It melts my heart when Crosby tells me he loves me too. Sometimes he'll say "I want to give you a kiss on 'you' cheek." :)

    I'm anxious to meet Bennett!

  2. Yes, we can't wait for you to meet him! Next time you're here definitely come by. He's a sweet baby!