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My World

Friday, February 25, 2011

Catching Up

My sister told me I was slacking with my blog so I thought I'd try to catch up today.  I am actually home on a sick day.  I'm wondering if I have a bit of a bug.  I have had at least three kids out from my class the last few days and yesterday I actually caught a kids throw up in the garbage can...yuck!  That's the joys of teaching!  So hopefully soon I'll start to feel better.  I do have an appointment with my regular doctor next week (it was to go over all of those test results-which I already know everything was fine in those) and I think I'll go ahead a just go.  See what he thinks.  I have people say it's probably acid reflux or maybe an ulcer.  I don't know but I am trying to just drink lots of water (never been good at that but I am right now) and I am taking a few things I got at Nature's Way.  It's worth a try right?!?

Lance was gone all this week to TN for work and then he went to Indiana for a funeral.  He got home last night and we waited up for him since I knew I wasn't going to work in the morning.  Landon was so excited to see him (so was I) and Lance couldn't even leave the room without Landon.  He loves his daddy! 

Last weekend we had my nephews 1st birthday party.  I think it bothers my sister b/c this is her last 1st birthday to plan.  I told her she could help plan for my future kiddos...ha!  It was a fun Mickey themed birthday party and it was fun to visit with everyone. 

 Here is the birthday boy!
 I'm not sure if he got to open any of his gifts.  I think all the other kiddos took care of that...ha!
 Landon found balloons so he's happy.
 We got Mitchum a Mickey Mouse and I guess I should have gotten Landon one.
 Doesn't Christian and Landon look a lot alike?
 Oh my child is in LOVE!  He found a guitar :)
 This kid loves music just like his daddy.

 He even gets the leg up and everything.  He's a hoot!
 Cake time!

 I would say he destroyed his cake!
 Love those messy hands.

Luckily Brooke's school has a shower so he got all cleaned up...which he didn't like too much.

After the party we went over to see Brooke and Bradford's new house.  I say new house - they remodeled and added on but they did a lot of changes - and it looks great.  Then we went over to our other friends to see the house they are building and it was again fabulous.  I told Lance I wanted to built or change stuff in my house.  I actually am very blessed with the house we have but I'll be thrilled the day we can build our house...long time from now!

Now for some random pictures from my phone....

 The other morning Lance told me to go see Landon.  This is how he was sleeping!  He cracks me up.

 Here are Landon and Luke at church last Sunday.  Gwen and I did nursery so we let these two boys stay with us.  They decided to lay down under the crib area.  They are funny!

Well I am going to continue to be lazy today with my sweet boy.  He usually makes me forget I'm sick...ha!  Plus I am going to hunt on the Internet for beach condos in GULF SHORES, ALABAMA.  We used to always goes there as kids and we have continued going but not as regular.  I am making it a point to take Landon this summer.  My uncle called me last night and said him and his family are going the 4th of July week and so is my other uncle with his family.  So I'm going to try to get all of us to go the same time.  I am already excited! 

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  1. I'd love to take Logan to the beach sometime. He wants to build a really good sandcastle. Maybe we could all go sometime.