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My World

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Best Buddies

Oh the time has come....mommy is not all that cool.  Landon loves being outside with his daddy -working and riding the toys.  He actually told me to go inside at one point :(.  I should be a little happy because I actually have a moment to myself (cleaning, laundry or getting on the treadmill) but it is a little sad too.  I guess I'll have to learn to like being outside and being in the sun.

 It was so sweet.  He kept his arm around Lance the entire time!

Today we went to church and little man didn't do as good as he usually does. He usually sits with us during service but today I had to get up a total of three times.  The first time we went out and had a serious talk and we even walked to the nursery.  He chose to go back to church with me.  Well he didn't last long so the second time we went to nursery and he actually started to play.  I decided to try to go back to church since he was playing and seemed fine.  Well no more than ten minutes later I asked Lance if he thought that was Landon crying?  We could hear someone crying for his mommy and of course it was him!  Andrea was bringing him back to me but I got up before she was there.  Now the nursery from where we sit is pretty far.  This kid is a baby!  After his moment he was very needy of me (yes he wanted me) so after lunch I took a nap with my little guy. 

It was a really beautiful day so after Landon woke up from his nap I took him outside and he stayed outside for about two hours.  He rode his John Deere Gator, played with his toy truck and then Lance got the mower out...Landon was so happy!  He loves riding on Lance's lap and just driving around the yard.  They even changed the oil and cleaned it up a bit. 

Next week at school we are celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday so we have a theme for each day.  Tomorrow is wear mixed up clothing.  I think it is going to take me longer to pick out clothes for that than it would for a regular day. 

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