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My World

Thursday, February 10, 2011

He's Fallen and He Can't Get Up....

Landon and I went decided to go out in the snow and even though it was a short was pretty funny!   The poor guy could barely get around.  He would fall down or make snow angels and he couldn't get back up so this mommy had to rescue him. 
 Here is the happy boy who was ready to go play!
 He decided to crawl around in the snow.

I think he is telling me to put the camera down and to come play!

 He was trying to get to his dad's shop which is where his John Deere Gator is or his "tractor" as he calls it.
 But he went down on the way....
And fell face first into the cold snow!  He was actually laughing here but it quickly turned to a cry :)  He was ready to go in after this which was fine by me!


  1. I love your blog, Lindsay. I've got to do a better job of keeping up with mine. During the summer, I'm so good about journaling our days, but during school I can hardly bare to open my computer when I'm home.:) It's such a great way to record momories!:)

  2. Oh thank you! The snow days have helped me have extra time to blog! And yes it is a great way to keep up with your life. I love reading other blogs so I thought I should start my own. Glad you found it!

  3. Awww, how cute! I got a few snow angel pictures, but I didn't go out and play in it. Probably because I felt like crud through most of the snow.