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My World

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here We Go Again

 Last Friday after school my niece Audrey and I went to get Landon at his school and then the three of us headed to Lowe's to look for baskets.  Lance has been building a shelf that I found on a blog that I liked for Landon's room and last Wednesday he put it in his room.  I wanted to find shelves right away so I could start organizing his room and just finish up that project.  Audrey was a big help with Landon and she was a great photographer...ha!  She took a ton of pictures as we were walking around and even got some of me that I wasn't aware of :)  Love her!

 Of course Lowe's didn't have many choices but I found one style that I thought would be the best!  And of course they only had one so I planned a trip to Branson with my sister and niece for Sunday.  We left around 11:30 and went to Target and a few other stores.  It was a quick but fun trip with them.  Audrey had to go to the Disney store and when we were in there I saw some Woody jammies that I just had to get for Landon.  I hurried up and washed them as soon as I got home and snuck them on him so we could surprise Lance.  Aren't they hilarious?!?

 Lance and I are still doing really good with using our treadmill and getting some exercise.  I'm pretty proud of us!  I try to switch up my routines/workous so it stays fun.  Sometimes I use my couch to 5K app on my phone, sometimes I just walk with an incline and other times I use the programs on the treadmill.  I've been doing the 1 mile distance run and I am getting better each time.  My first was 11:03, then 10:58, Thursday it was this...
 And then Sunday I cut it back even more with this time....
 I have no clue what a good mile is but I was excited. 
Well lately this little guy hasn't been feeling all that good.  He has had a cough that has been bothering him and kind of sounding bad.  I decided to try a breathing treatment with him b/c we have some left from last time and at this point I'd try anything to help him. 
 He did really good and sat the entire time.  It takes about 10-15 minutes and he only moved it away two times.  He's so sweet!
 We headed back to the doctor Monday afternoon to have his ears checked from his ear infection two weeks ago.  Our appointment was at 4:30 and we didn't go back to a room till 5:40!  It was us and another lady so I wasn't going to leave.  I figured I made it this long and Landon can run around.  I was definitely tired but knew weather could be coming the next day and didn't want to leave without knowing if he was ok. 
 We looked at the nasty books, played on my phone, drank from the water fountain, ran around and stared at the door waiting for the nurse to come get us :) 
 When the doctor finally saw us he told me that Landon still has an infection in the right ear so we have to go back to the ENT next Tuesday.  He got a new medicine and a steroid so hopefully this will help him out.  We finally got home at 7:00 that night and I was worn out.  He didn't sleep good last night, he was running a high fever and so we were all tired today but luckily we got a snow day.  Landon still had a temp this morning :(  He didn't eat much breakfast and by 9:30 AM he was out.  He slept till 12:10.  I watched my DVR'd shows and just tried to rest.  I snapped a picture of him sleeping.  He's so sweet even when he doesn't feel good! 
 I took a picture of our porch/backyard today b/c we were supposed to get this big snow/ice and it didn't really happen.  I'm curious if we'll be going to school tomorrow.  I hope I get to keep little man home another day but who knows. 
 And here is the finished shelf :)  I got the lamp at Wal-Mart and the baskets at Target.  I think it turned our great and Landon seems to like going to his room a little more.  Maybe he'll sleep in there soon...we'll see!


  1. The shelf turned out great!!!

    Hope L feels better soon. Kale was exactly the same way. It was awful.

  2. Lindsay I love love love the bookshelf! If I had a low window like that I would copy it! HA! Landon is adorable. He's getting so big!

  3. Oh thanks! I am loving the shelf and so is Landon. He is a little OCD like his mommy and when he's done playing he'll put his toys back in the right basket. So sweet!