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My World

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Day

Wow what a day!  My dayalmost always starts at 6:00 AM and it is nonstop till I put Landon to bed (which is usually my bedtime too).  My sister called this morning and asked if I could stop by her house and get Audrey & Christian b/c her battery was dead.  I told her yes which made me think hard about stopping at Sonic b/c I was worried about time...but I can always make time for Sonic :)  So when I got to her house I told her I would just take Mitchum as well.  So I got the third row seat up for Audrey and put Mitchum's carseat in, Landon was in the middle in his seat and Christian rode behind me.  I guess this is what my car would look like if we had four kids. 
Looks good huh?!?  Landon and Christian love each other and had tons of fun just in the 5 minute ride.  So I got them dropped off at Creative and then took Audrey & Olivia to school with me.  I take them a lot in the morning and help with them after school since we are all at the Kindergarten together.  After school I have started tutoring.  It is only 30 minutes and I am leaving by 4 so I couldn't let that opportunity to pass.  After school I had my nail appointment and then I went and picked up Landon from my mom and dad.  Landon loves going to their house and usually throws a fit when it is time to go with me :(  We picked up McDonald's (I know bad supper but it was already 5:45 and church is at 6:15) and hurried home to eat and brush our teeth so we could get back out for Puggles at Church.  Tonight we had six kiddos which was a great number.  When we got home Lance was working in Landon's room on this.....
Yah!  It turned out great and I am so excited about organizing and filling the shelfs...ha!  We've got a lot of work to do but I'm sure I'll find time.  We still have to make the bench seat/pad but we have to decide on the material first.  I found two prints.  One print is brown and it is the print we used on his glidder and toy box but it is dark and it almost doesn't show up well since the wood is dark.  The other material is a tan color and it has circles on it that are the same colors as his room colors.  I'm too lazy to go take pictures but I might tomorrow.  We plan on making a decision by the weekend and having it finished.  My dad's birthday is Saturday and we are having dinner at our house with my parents and my sister & her family so I want it ready by then. 

Tomorrow is pajama day so I am very happy about that! 

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