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My World

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lazy Day

We didn't have much excitement today but I sure did enjoy my day with my family before school starts up again.  I can't believe Christmas Break is over and now it's the long haul.  There really isn't any breaks from school until Spring Break.  I guess I'll survive. ha!

Today we went to church and then ate lunch at Sodies with the 3 of us, Nana & Mimi.  Landon sat all through church and then sat all through lunch at a slow restaurant.  He truly is a great child and I should appreciate that more b/c who knows what our other children will be like.  I got Landon to sleep (finally) at 2:00 and he slept for an hour.  He has been a bit off schedule since we've been on break.  But I'm proud to say that when he was napping I got on the treadmill and ran a mile - without stopping!  I was excited that I could do it.  I am not a runner at all but I always say I want to be one. ha!!!  I haven't "worked out" for a long time but since I got the treadmill I have many goals of doing 5K's and maybe other things.  I don't want to get ahead of myself here but hopefully one day I'll be able to blog about my running. 

  So sweet when he wakes up.
 He is all about holding hands lately and I just love it!  I think it is the sweetest thing :)
After Landon woke up we went out to Daddy's shop to see the progress on our bookshelf.  I found one I liked on another blog and my engineer of a husband said he could build it.  So that is what he has been doing.  It is looking really good and I'm very excited for it to be finished.  Hopefully we will get all of Landon's toys oranized.  I love to organize and I'm sure my 2 year old will allow me to re-organize his toys every night!!!   

Here is the bookshelf!  All that's left is to fill the holes, sand it and stain it.  It is going to look good! 
Of course we had to play for a little bit.  He looks so big on this toy that Gwen and Jeff got for Landon on his 1st Birthday.  
Tonight we have Nana staying the night so that means Daddy and Mommy are not cool and Landon wants nothing to do with us.  But poor Nana gets bossed around and can't sit down for more that 2 seconds!  Love our little man!

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