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My World

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Today Landon and I got to spend the day together.  It was our first snow day and we took advantage of it by staying in our jammies.  He wanted to play with playdoh so I took advantage of that opportunity and got on the treadmill.  We did laundry, cooked a yummy and healthy supper and now we are watching the national championship game (or Lance is).  I gave Landon a bath and after I got him out I put him in his cute footed jammies.  I hope he's comfortable in them.  I just can't resist the cuteness of them on kiddos!
Of course he didn't want me to take his picture but I tried.  I tricked him when I got the picture above :)
 So cute!!!
Well I guess we might get another snow day tomorrow if it snows like they are saying it's going to.  I don't like waiting for the answer in the morning though.  I wish they would just make a decision the night before so we could sleep longer in the mornings :) 

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