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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year, A New Blog

I'm actually doing this!  I have been reading other blogs and I have decided I want to start capturing moments in our simple life through our own blog.  I guess this is going to be one of my "goals" for 2011.  We'll see how I do! 

We have been busy around here with Christmas, New Years and our little guy's 2nd Birthday! 

On Christmas Eve we went to my sister's school for the Wilhite's Christmas and they had the bouncy house set up.  It actually turned out great!  We ate yummy food, we got to visit with everyone and Landon got to run off some energy.  This was our first Christmas without Papaw so it was a little hard on everyone.   

 Landon got a new truck from his Uncle Farron and Aunt Angie and he loved it!

 They play so well together....
 most of the time :)

We couldn't get him out of the bouncy house!  It was a big hit for the kids and some of us older ones!

We probably could have slept in on Christmas morning but my sister usually gets me if I'm not at mom and dad's house by 7:oo.  Love her though!  Lance and I woke up first so we went ahead and exchanged our gifts.  And I was very surprised when I came in the living room and saw my new.....TREADMILL!!!  I was so excited and I'm going to prove to him that it isn't a waste of money.  I'm doing good so far but I've only had it a week.  We ended up having to wake up little man. 
 He loves his guitar.  This is little rockstars 2nd guitar.  (Notice the treadmill in the back!)

 New Mickey slippers

He loves to draw!

We went to my mom and dad's house for breakfast and to do Christmas with them along with my sister, her husband and their three kiddos.  We made it back home around 11:30 and Lance put my treadmill together after naptime.  It took a lot longer than what he thought but it is worth it! 

We went to his families Christmas at the Hopper's.  We again ate a lot of yummy food and then it is singing time.  I usually set back and watch.  Landon was a hoot!  He definitely has the music thing in him because of his daddy and the Hopper's. 

Sunday we headed to Viola to do Christmas with his mom, brothers, sisters and all of the nieces and nephews.  Yes, this is our last Christmas get together :)

 Jed, Lilly, Landon and Logan
 I love this little guy even if he has a lasagna stained face!
 Those kids can open gifts faster than anything I've ever seen. 
 Lisa and Casey

 Nana made fudge and he had to get not one but two pieces.
 He looks like trouble :)
 Messy boy!
 Nana helped clean both of us up!

Our next celebration was Landon turning 2 on December 29th.  He had a great day and enjoyed playing with his cousins.  He honestly didn't have much to do with opening gifts so that left this mommy to do the opening! 
 He loves farm animals so we went with that as the theme. 
 Grandma and Papaw got him a new John Deere Gator and he loves it.  He got to ride it Thursday (12/30) because it was actually nice out. On  New Year's Eve it was in the 60's.  That makes me really want warmer weather to get here. 
 This is Landon's best friend Luke and they share a birthday.  Gwen and I were induced on December 29, 2008.  Landon was born at 2:47 PM and Luke was born around 5:30 PM.  They will forever be close...even if they fight over toys now :) 

Most of my posts probably won't be this long but I had some stuff I wanted to document for our family.  I am going to try to do that Project 365.  It might help me with things to blog about.  So for my first picture I took one of Landon eating supper tonight.  We picked up Razorback Ribs and had a lazy night at the house. 
While we were cleaning up Landon decided to get the tea pitcher off the table(you can see it in the top left corner of the picture) and dumped 1/2 of it out onto the floor.  I guess the little guy was just thirsty!  Gotta love him :)

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