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My World

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Snow 2011

Well today was my Grandma's service.  She didn't want much so we only had a graveside service.  I know she was watching over us from her new home :) 
Landon went to Alicia Maddox's house while we were at the service.  She watched him and my sister's 3 kiddos.  This was the first time Landon has ever had a true babysitter.  I was nervous since he's only been around her at daycare but he did awesome.  I was proud of him and I appreciated Alicia offering to watch them for us.  We even went to eat at Colton's with Brooke and Bradford before we went and got the kids.  It was really fun to go out with them.  That doesn't happen often....or really ever!  We ended up stopping at McDonald's to get Landon supper.  Bad parents...I know! 
Lance and I did our walk/run for the night and gave Landon his bath while we were taking turns on the treadmill.  I was talking to my mom and she told me it was snowing so we had to check it out.
I was surprised to see the back porch covered.  I know it said it was going to snow but for some reason I didn't believe them.  Guess I was wrong.  Now I am just wondering if it's going to be enough to cancel school?   MH never cancels the night before so I'll just have to wait till in the morning.  I'd really enjoy another day home with little guy.  It's been a long weekend. 

Tonight Landon wore his new Mickey PJ's and of course I had to try to get a picture of hiim b/c he's just so cute.  But my little stinker wasn't working with me.  It's impossible to get him to stay still and smile :) 
 His belly is so cute :)
 Not sure what he was doing but I eventually gave up. 
Well I hope we wake up to a bunch of snow so we can go out and play (and have a snow day for school).

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