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My World

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Behind

Well I haven't blogged in awhile but little man was has been sick with another ear infection...darn it!  We went to the doctor last Thursday and his left ear is infected.  He had tubes put in about a year ago and the left one fell out 4 months after and his right tube is still in there.  So we have started antibiotics but our guy is a little picky and he would not take the medicine.  We tried everything but it wasn't getting in him and we were worried when his fever got high Sunday night so Monday morning I got on the phone!  They are doing the same medicine but they added grape flavoring to it.  He still isn't crazy about it but we are getting it down him.  Judy stayed with him yesterday and today so that was very helpful.  She even cooked us a yummy roast yesterday.  It spoils me a bit and makes me wish I could have that every day! 
Now the reason we went to the doctor was for his 2 year checkup and other than the ear he is doing great.  He weighs 31 pounds and is 35 3/4" tall  (He's in the 81% for both).  Some things he's doing now:
  • Can count to 12 and he can count to 10 in spanish
  • Sings tons of songs (ABC's, Barney "I Love You", Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle)
  • He can tell us his birthday (I see so many kiddos who don't know their birthday so I had to start teaching him)
  • He wears 24 months-3T in clothes
  • Size 6 diapers (we are working on potty training a bit - good thing right - do they even make size 7 diapers?!?)
  • Loves dancing

 My sister got him this little radio and he loves it! 
 And you'll notice him wearing my headband and whatever else he can find as a necklace. ha!

  • He can work my iPhone better than most
  • Enjoys being read to (Right now we read"The Big Red Barn" and "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" every night)
  • Loves farm animals
  • Loves working his puzzles

     We also have to do his numbers, colors and transporation puzzles.
  • Picky eater right now but loves spaghetti and fruit
So about this potty training business...I am definitely not interested or ready to start it but on Friday Landon let us know he was ready...ha!  My mom kept him Friday and she called me during my lunch break and told me he went tinkle on the potty.  I was surprised b/c he has never done this.  Yes he'll sit on it and always want to try but never does anything.  When I got home he had went again and then he went a couple more times for us.  Every day since then he has went a couple times on the potty.  He'll even stay dry some nights so we were excited.  I think we are just going to take it slow and let him get used to it.  He's so funny!  I should be excited b/c I won't have to order his Pure and Natural diapers but I don't have another baby to buy diapers for just yet so I'm in no rush! 

This past Saturday we were kind of lazy.  Landon took a good nap and when I heard him I went to get him and brought him in the living room.  I sat down and this is what happened....

 Oh I love this!  He hardly ever sleeps on me or lets me rock him so I definitely took advantage of this moment. 
 We went over to Matt Raynor's house that night to watch football and Landon got to play with his buddy Luke.  They are funny!  Here they both got in to an ottoman that they had turned over.  Wonder if Matt will ask us back over. Ha!

I hope little man continues to get better.  We are going to take him to school tomorrow since he didn't have a fever at all today.  I'm sure tomorrow morning will be a little rough when I leave him but he truly loves his school.  He just likes to make me feel horrible!

Here is little man jumping on his bed or the bed that is in his room or the bed that's in this room we fixed up for him - he sleeps in a king size bed with his mommy and daddy! 

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  1. Thanks for telling me about your blog!! I got all caught up. I loved reading it, since I don't feel like I get to see your sweet family enough. Tubs is SO smart and is just adorable. I know he fills your hearts!!!