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My World

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's About Time

Today was kind of a long day but it's over and I know tomorrow will be better!  After school Landon wanted a drink from Sonic so I decided we'd go. ha!  While we were waiting in line Landon started talking about the moon.  I had no clue what he was talking about but I finally spotted the "moon".  If you look you'll see a yellow thing on the canopy part of the parking spots that looks like a moon.  Landon is so cute and always noticing things. 

Tonight Landon and I had a couple of special guests join us for dinner. 
My best friend since 2nd grade Kim and her baby Asher!  She is back in town after too many years away.  She's my favorite dentist :)  We have been horrible about getting together (she's been here for 6 months and tonight is the first time we've gotten together) so I'm happy we made it work tonight.  She brought us pizza and we just sat around catching up.  You know it's your best friend when it never feels like you've been apart.  We love her and we are going to start getting together weekly or hopefully more! 
 I tried to get a picture of Landon, Kim and Asher but it was a little difficult.
 But we finally got it even though Asher isn't looking at the camera. ha!
Asher was a very sweet girl.  I was surprised at how bit she was but she is a standard poodle (I think she's part poodle/part something else-sorry Kim I forgot) so she'll be pretty big.  I can't wait till they come and visit again.  I love having Kim back around and I hope she's here forever!!!

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