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My World

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Bath Time Fun

Landon isn't really enjoy bath time anymore.  He doesn't mind being in the water but when it's time to wash him and his hair it's another story.  I'm not sure why he is doing this but I hope he gets out of it soon.  Landon had ear infections very early on so we've always had to be very careful when we wash his hair.  The child has never had water poured over his head.  I actually wash his hair using a washcloth and boy is it fun. ha!  He also threw a fit when he was getting his hair cut last time.  It was horrible.  It was Adam doing the haircut and me and my mom trying to hold Landon.  We had hair everywhere.  Luckily Adam was sweet about it and said he'd probably get better after a couple of haircuts and not to worry because he is just 2 years old:) try to help with the bath situation I picked up some bath crayons.  Landon loves to draw so I thought it was worth a try.   

Nice huh?  Luckily they clean up easily.

He does get excited to get in there but he still has issues with the washing part.  I'm sure we'll make it though.  The kids gotta take a bath :)
Such a sweetie!

After bath Landon decided to play daddy's turkey calls.  Lance makes turkey calls and Landon likes to try them out! 
 He's so proud of himself.
My wild man who needs to get ready for bed!

Hopefully he'll sleep good tonight because the last few nights have been weird.  He's waking up and fussing a bit.  Tomorrow is Friday!!!

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