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My World

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Time

Today Landon went to his first movie.  We went to see this...
Yogi Bear 3D.  This was Landon's first movie and this was my first 3D movie.  We went with these cuties....
Aunt Brooke, Audrey and Christian.  The movie was at 4:00 so it wasn't crowded at all.  It was the five of us and two other people who sat at the very top.  We sat down in the front so the kiddos could walk around a bit if they needed to.  The movie was cute but geez...movies are expensive.  It cost $40 for all of us to get in plus all the stuff the kids thought they needed.  I guess they are worth it :)
After the movie we went back to Brooke's house to visit.  Of course the kids had to eat more. ha!  Bradford got some pictures of the boys. 
So cute with their yogurt!
Look at Landon in this picture...goofy! 

They are so funny!
When we left we decided to go pick up chinese foody.  Landon was so tired and I always try to keep him up but that doesn't always work.
I call Brooke every time we leave their house b/c they drain him.  He is always asleep within 3 minutes from their house!  So sweet.
After I got Landon home I went back to MH and got my sister so we could go sit with my grandma and my family.  My sweet grandma is in hospice right now.  She isn't doing well and I just pray that she is comfortable.  She has always been so sweet, sassy and has always loved us to the fullest.  I have so many wonderful  memories with her. 

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