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My World

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Final Snow of the Year...

I was really happy to have a snow day today.  Landon didn't sleep well Monday night so on Tuesday I was very tired.  I took half a day from school so I could take Landon to the ENT and after his appointment (which was way past his normal nap time) he fell asleep right when we pulled out of the parking lot and by the time we got to the house and back to the bed he was wide awake :(  That goofy kid!  Last night I had my hair appointment and I left the house at 5:15 and by 5:30 that boy was asleep on his daddy's lap.  He slept till 7:00 and I was home at!  I was worried about how he'd sleep last night but he was back to sleep at 9:30 and slept till 8:00 this morning.  Right now he's napping and I'm catching up on my DVR'd shows.  I recently got in to Glee so I'm watching that as I type. 
So as I said earlier we had to go back to the ENT because Landon has had an ear infection for a couple of weeks.  We are on our second round of antibiotics.  Yesterday Dr.Barker said he had no infection (YEAH) and they even tested his hearing to help me feel better and that was perfect.  I took him in to the room to get his hearing tested and they make you go into this sound proof area for the second part of the test.  He sat on my lap and there was a little dog in front of us, speakers on both sides with these boxes above the speakers.  The man's voice comes out of one of the speakers which when he did Landon would look that way and that box above it would light up.  In the box was a little stuffed animal playing a drum or something.  I honestly can't even remember because I was laughing.  Landon would get startled by it and that would make me giggle more.  The man doing the test was probably annoyed with me but I honestly couldn't help it.  Luckily I didn't ruin his results :)   We went back in with the doctor after the test and he said the left tube is out and the right one is probably going to fall out soon.  We go back in 3 months and he said hopefully we won't have to worry about water after that.  Yeah right...I'll always worry about water now.  I have for the last two years but that's OK. 
Well with all this snow Landon and I have been getting a lot of days home together.  Last week when Lance was home we all went out to play for a bit.  Landon seemed to like the snow and the kid would not leave his gloves on. 
 All bundled up and just getting out there.

 Ignore the nappy hair and no make-up and just look at the cute boy :)
 Looking at their snow angels.
 He loves his da-da (he has been saying that lately for some reason).

 He is the sweetest boy!
 Sunday we went to church and then we came home for lunch and Landon took a quick nap.  We went over to the Daffrons house for Super Bowl.  It was fun and the kiddos got to play together.  I feel bad saying this but it is so hard going to other people's houses and keeping Landon  entertained.  He is a good kid but I just can't rest and I think that is why I enjoy staying home.  I wasn't always this way but kids change some things for you...all for the better though!
 Before we left I made us take a few pictures because we never remember to take them when we are out.
My sweet boys that have my heart!
I love this little guy so much!
Here are some pictures from my phone and I will try to put some more up after Landon and I go outside.  I was going to wait till it stopped snowing but I'm not sure that is going to happen.  Right now it looks beautiful outside.  The snowflakes are fluffy and calling our name :)
 Being silly for the camera!
  The other day we bought Landon some big boy underoos because he was wanting to use his potty.  Lance put them on him the other night and I had to get some pictures of that.  They make him look so big :)
 Look at that belly!

 We finally celebrated 100 days in Kindergarten (never thought it would happen with all of the snow) on Monday.  The deep south hallway did rotations so the kiddos went to six classes and did different activities.  In my class they worked 100 piece puzzles and by the end we had all of them together except one. 
 This is my new lunch box :)  I ordered it from ThirtyOne!  Maybe we'll be going to school one day and I can actually use it!
Enjoy the snow because I am saying that this is our final snow for this Winter.  It's a big one isn't it???  I see Spring in our near future. 


  1. oh my goodness!!! your hair in these pics is AWESOME!!! i love it long &'s gorgeous!!

  2. Oh thanks for that! I go back May 10th and I'm going blonde again. I just can't be any other way! Glad you found my blog! This is such a neat thing...I'm new to blogging so it is very exciting to have others read my blog :)