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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!!!

Well I went out and bought some Bare Escentual make-up this weekend.  I got it at a local store and it is 20% off this month so I was pretty excited about that.  I got the fair starter kit (because I'm super white) and I had my MIL pick up a blush today.  My SIL uses this make-up and she let me try her True blush on Sunday.  I really liked it and Judy said she'd stop for me and bring it by my work.  She's pretty good to me :)  I think I'm going to like this stuff!  So after reading the beauty tips from Kelly's blog and after going in to Simply Beautiful I have learned that I need and that I want a Clarisonic brush. 

I am asking for one for my birthday but if I can't wait till then I might use my tutoring money for it!  I am not patient when it comes to things I want.  That is one thing I need to work on. 

So this weekend Gwen and I had a day out together.  We went to Simply Beautiful for make-up, Wal-Mart to get groceries and to register her for baby Evan and our last stop was at El Charro!  We love eating there and it was really good.  When we were eating I told Gwen that I felt so full and that if I took another bite I might explode.  Yes, this is when it started.  My legs were achy all day and I just didn't feel the best.  They came over that evening so the boys could work in the shop and the boys got to play & decorate cookies. 
 Don't those look yummy!

 Landon was a little messy from his cookie :)

 So my belly started hurting pretty bad Sunday evening.  I was telling Lance & Judy about it and I started thinking it might be my gallbladder.  I have had a history with this stuff for about 3-4 years but this pain was a way more intense.  I was having indigestion, my pain was in my upper part of my abdomen and it was going through my back, I felt nauseous and just wanted to go to sleep.  Of course Landon didn't sleep well but we did make it.  I really wanted to avoid a trip to the ER and just wait till the morning to call the doctor.  I called as soon as I could and they couldn't get me in till 3:20 with a different doctor.  I made it through school and through our Valentine's party but I was definitely dragging all day.  The doctor was very nice and told me it did sound like my gallbladder but when he was pushing on my belly and listening he said he discovered my abdominal aorta was wider than others.  I guess most peoples are about 2 fingers wide where mine is 3.  OK???  So he said we'd do a CT of my abdomen to try to figure out what it is and get blood work done.  So tomorrow after school I'll head to the hospital for my scan and not sure if I'll get answers tomorrow but at least I'll get some soon. Mom is going to watch Landon for us and Lance will go with me.  Oh the doctor also gave me some medicine for the indigestion.  I'm hoping we all sleep well tonight and I feel better in the morning.  So what a Valentine's right?!?  At least I am home with my boys.

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