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My World

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bennett is 1 Month New

Baby Bennett is 1 month old.  He is such a sweet baby and such a perfect addition to our family. We love you Bennett Lance!!!

10 things about Bennett...
1.  He is wearing size 1 diaper and we go through tons of them
2.  He is eating every 3 to 4 hours and drinking 4-5 oz. each time...he's a hungry boy
3.  He is happy to just lay down and look around-he doesn't have to be held 24/7 even though I'd like
      to hold him :)
4.  He has only been to my parents house, Nana's house, the doctors office, & church for about 5
     minutes.  Our doctor recommended 6 weeks and we are sticking to that.  Only a few more weeks!
5.  He loves being talked to...especially when it is his big brother talking!
6.  He still has a beautiful skin color and blue eyes.
7.  He weighs 12 pounds...big boy!
8.  He tends to stay awake a lot in the morning and around noon he will give in and take a good nap
     (which is good for us because then I can get both boys down for a nap).
9.  He still has a lot of hair and when it is wet it looks pretty curly so we shall see.
10.He does not take his paci like his brother did.  He'll take it for a few minutes but then out it goes. 
     Luckily he doesn't cry much.

Here is some pictures of him on his 1 month birthday.
This picture is a day before his 1 month but it is a good body shot of him!

 Look how well he holds his head up?!?  He's a strong boy!
 Not sure why I can't turn this picture...but here is a picture of my sweet boys!
We went over to Nana's house Monday morning.  Sweet Marsha comes over and cleans every other Monday around noon so we like to get out of the house so we'll be out of her way.  This was Bennett's first trip to Nana's and I think he liked it.  It was nice over there.  Her house is so peaceful and bright. I did try tummy time with B for the first time while we were over there.  He liked it for about 3 minutes.   
 Landon kept telling me B didn't like it and wanted up.  He doesn't like when B is upset.

 Such a pretty day!  I love going for drives.
 Funny boy trying to wake up.

Now here are some random pictures from my phone.

When I was getting Landon ready for school, I put Bennett down on Landon's bed and of course Landon had to get in there with him.  He definitely loves his brother!
I bet before I know it these two will be sleeping together in this bed and mommy & daddy will actually sleep in their bed all by themselves.  Hey, a girl can dream right?!?
Here is Bennett last Thursday.  Who doesn't love a sleeping baby?

When Landon goes to school I get extra cuddle time with B.  With your first baby you can cuddle and hold them all day.  But when you have a 3 year old wanting your attention the second child has to learn to deal with being put down. 
Today is my 29th birthday.  We aren't going anywhere.  Landon is at school so B and I will go get him here soon.  I'll probably go pick up food because the hubs has a bank meeting.  I think they should tell him not to come since it is his wife's birthday.  But guess I'm not that special :) 


  1. B is so cute and Landon seems to be doing wonderfully as a big brother! Happy Birthday! Mine was Monday :)

  2. Happy Birthday sis! The boys are so cute! I love the one of Bennett holding himself up. So sweet. He looks like Landon.