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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thursday, March 1

I called down to the nursery Thursday morning and she said his numbers were good all night. She had the last three readings and they were 58, 46, and 50. She said at one point she did get 64, 71, 72 but that's better than hearing numbers in the 80s. So she said with his numbers that he had last night that she would feel very comfortable if they started weaning him off oxygen.
Dr. Robinson came by at 8:45 am and said if his numbers are good for the next couple hours the nurse would start weaning. He also mentioned if he didn't improve by Monday that we'd try looking in another direction (I took it as possible heart stuff). So Mary is in nursery today. She has been here 16 years and definitely knows stuff. So today we didn't get to hold him but we did sit by him and we helped hold his paci in. This boy is hungry and getting tired of sucking on his paci. When Lance and I were in our room he started looking online (not always a good thing) and he decided to ask the doctor about doing an ECHO today instead of waiting and that way we could rule that out or figure it out. So the doctor ordered it and they did that about 2:30 pm. The ECHO is sent straight to children's to be read so hopefully we get results tonight. Mary did get B weaned off the oxygen throughout the day so he is on 21% which is room oxygen-yeah on that.
So night shift is here. It's my friend Rachel on the floor and Kristina (my nurse for delivery) is in the nursery with Landon. Rachel told us that Bennett's breathing rates were in the 30-40 range all day...awesome news to hear. And Dr. Robinson called Lance at about 7:45pm and said tonight they are going to start weaning his oxygen pressure. He also said he had not heard about the ECHO which is probably a good thing. Typically if they see something alarming they call him immediately and he didn't receive a call. Thank you Jesus! So Lance and I went down to see B and to tell him goodnight. We talked to the nurses for a bit. Bennett was kind of feisty because he is hungry and wants the tube out of his mouth. They put a tube down their throat when the oxygen pressure is 3.0 because sometimes they swallow the oxygen and it goes to their belly-the tube gets it off their belly.
I just talked to Kristina (11:00 pm) and she said she turned down his pressure to 2.0, she removed the mouth tube, and she fed him 15 cc of formula...yeah! I asked if he was asleep and she said that he was actually giving her the eye because she could tell he wants more. She just did a little the first time to make sure he tolerated it and he was so she'd probably do more . That big boy knows what he wants and that's to eat.
I'm going to go to sleep. It's been a long day-the milk has started coming in and I'm hurting. I think I'm scared because of my last experience (mastitis turned into MRSA) so I just want the pain to go away quickly and just dry up. I've also cried about Landon. He talked to me on the phone today and I just bawled and then when he came up to the hospital this afternoon I cried again. Yes I know my hormones are wacky but Landon is my buddy and I hate being away from him. So I am dealing with drying up, being away from my Landon, can't have my other baby Bennett, and stuck in a hospital. Lots of stuff I wasn't prepared for but I know the lord gives me what he knows I can handle.  I will soon have all of my boys-all 3 of them :)

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  1. So glad he's home now and doing good. I know exactly how you feel about being away from Landon during all this. I left Ranger in labor with Tyler and was bawling going out the door because I knew I was going to have to spend a night away from Kale (turned out to be 2 nights). I LOVED having my boys. LOVED! And I had BIG boys, also... Kale was 9# 8 oz.