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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saturday, March 3 - Such a Sweet Day

Bennett is way off on day/night. He slept all day Thursday and so last night he was awake tons. He didn't fall asleep till 2:30 am. Bless his heart-we've got some work to do on that. So now we are watching him sleep-yeah I'm sure we're not doing good for tonight. But right now we are just ready to get released. Our patience is gone and I'm about to go find the "awesome doctor" who's on call and drag him up here by his ears. There is no point in making people wait. Do your rounds earlier buddy! 
During our long wait, my sister brought Audrey and Christian up to see Bennett.  It was pretty funny.  Seeing how kids react to babies is always interesting.  After they left we continued to wait and we'd ask the nurses if they had heard from the doctor.  They said he told them 45 minutes but that turned in to about 2 hours.  Lance and I ended up sharing my lunch tray since we were still there.  I let him have the entire tray and I took the chocolate chip cookie.  Those were the best and probably not going to help my left over belly bump. 
Oh, fun story I forgot to write yesterday.  So after my ultrasound I was waiting for the elevator and this guy in his 40's came up to wait as well.  Well he was looking at me and I knew what was coming.  I was thinking "please don't even say something because you're about to stick your foot in your mouth."  Well he did just that.  He said "I bet you're having a girl."  Oh crap!  So I had to tell him I had a boy on Monday.  AWESOME!!!  Let me just say it was an awkward elevator ride. 
The doctor came around at 12:45 and he said we were good to go home.  Nice how we had to wait all morning for that.  The nurse came back and went over everything and then we got our bags and headed out the door. 
 The nurse was sweet and asked if we wanted her to take our picture.  Good thinking!  So here we are headed home after a long week.
 Little guy in his car seat
He seemed to like the ride home. 

When we got home Landon was taking a nap so I took advantage of the time to put all of our stuff away.  Anytime we travel (which isn't often) I have to unpack the minute I get home.  The stuff bothers me.  Landon woke up about 20 minutes later and he was so excited to see us.  And he doesn't even understand how excited we were to see him.  It felt great to be home. 
 Landon loves holding Bennett
 Not sure Bennett is comfortable...but look at those sweet legs :)
What a blessing he is to our family!

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