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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tuesday, February 28

Bennett did well through the night but at his 7 am feeding I guess he spit up and was then breathing fast...what? No more huffing now fast breathing. The doctor did give him oxygen (30% and the pressure was at 3.0) and would still monitor him. They are treating Bennett for TTN (transient tachypnea of the newborn) and this is something they can get because of fast delivery (we had that) which occurs a lot in c-sections and for babies who are larger than expected (I'd say that's B). So it is just something B will have to get over in time (could take 6 hours or 3 days). So we shall wait for him to get past this and they'll treat him as needed.
At his 11:30 feeding he was still breathing fast so they couldn't feed him which means Bennett now has an IV and no formula :(. Makes me sad because the nurse said, he knows what it feels like to have a full tummy and now he isn't getting that from the IV.  Definitely hard to hear that and to see little man uncomfortable because of that.
Around 3:00 pm the nursery nurse called my room and said Lance was holding him because he was a little worked up. So I hurried up and got down there to help hold our baby and calm him. Lance laughed because as soon as I got in I took Bennett. I felt bad but he wasn't mad-he just wanted Bennett to be calm. And it worked. We held him till 5:30 pm and then put him down so he could get settled before his next vitals. We wanted low numbers. We went to our room and ate dinner and had a few visitors. Then we went about 8:15 pm to tell Bennett goodnight. We didn't hold him because they wanted him to rest and since he wouldn't get formula we thought it would be best if he just slept. The nurse, Treneka, talked to us and did a wonderful job explaining everything to us. She told us the plan for the night was to get his oxygen and the pressure down if he could tolerate it and possibly feed him if his breathing was under 60. By 10 pm he was down from 30% of oxygen to 24%.  Hopefully he has a good night! 

 Holding his mommas hand :)

That darn IV.  All those wires and tubes make him look pitiful and breaks our heart to see.  He is definitely a tough little guy.

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