My World

My World

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Special Visitor

So things have been going really well. I still need to post about our first week home and I plan on doing that soon. I can't believe today has been a week for us to be home and I can't believe B is almost 2 weeks new :).
Today Lance, Landon, & my dad went over to Viola to get a few things so my mom came over to watch B and I went to Walmart and then took a shower. My sister also came over to hold B. She absolutely loves babies! While we were visiting my BF (we've been BF since 2nd grade and will always be close) Megan called and said she was in Yellville. She came in to town to meet B. It was really good visiting with her. So happy to have her in my life.
Now everyone is gone, B is finally sleeping, and my other two boys are outside working on our new garden and about to burn something! Love my life and family of 4. :)

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