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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bennett's Birth Story

So the big day started for me at 4:45 am. We got ready and we were out the door by 5:40 am. We had to be at the hospital at 6 am. When we got here we came straight to the women's floor and they took me to my fancy room. We did a few questions and signed some papers and then it was time to get dressed. I got in the hot gown and then they started my IV. She did great and got it the first time. They started my pitocin very slowly and the nurse asked me if I was already feeling contractions. I told her I thought I might be but wasn't sure I knew what I was talking about. She said I was having them every 3-4 minutes when I came in and without pitocin. Yeah!!!
At 7:00 am we got our new nurse and it was Kristina which she was awesome! We were the only family here so lots of attention for all of us :)
Dr. Robinson came in about 7:30 and broke my water. With Landon it was a slow leak but this time it went all out. And it was crazy! I now know what it feels like to have your water break and when others ask "will you know when it breaks?" I can tell them YES! He checked me and I was 4 CM 80%. He said he thought Bennett would be here around 1 or 2 pm. I told them I was thinking before noon-mommas just know things! Anyway, he said he'd be back after my fluids ran through to do my epidural-so about an hour. Well I was definitely watching that bag b/c I was feeling those sweet contractions and wanted the epidural quickly. He came in about 9:00 am and did the epidural. And of course it didn't work miracles. It seemed to just make my left leg a bit tingly but I was still feeling contractions and hurting. We gave it maybe 30 minutes and the nurse asked if it was better...nope. She decided to check me and she surprised me and said I was 7 CM. So no wonder I was hurting. She talked to doctor and they gave me more in my epidural. She stayed in my room and made me roll around but I could still feel the contractions mostly on my right side and also straight in the middle. She left the room for a minute and I was miserable. I couldn't even talk during the contractions. So I made Lance go get here quick. She came and checked me and this was about 10:00 she said I was 9 CM and she could feel lots of hair. So from that point on she stayed and around 10:30 she was telling the doctor I was ready and we'd get set to push. So I pushed for a total of 13 minutes! I even had to stop pushing so the doctor could get here which wasn't fun. I definitely needed to push-so luckily he hurried. I think after two pushes Bennett's head was out so again I had to stop pushing. Bennett Lance Newton arrived st 11:10 am. He was super big and doctor said his he looked like a sumo wrestler. He got weighed and was a whopping 9 lb 6 oz. 19 1/2 in. long!!! He has lots more hair than Landon and its dark.  We think it is curlier than Landon's so maybe he'll have his mommas curls.   
 Welcome Bennett!!!
 You and your proud daddy
 Mom and Dad checking you out
 Our newest addition
 And sometime when I was pushing my sister came to the door and we told her she could come in. She stayed back over to the side but I was glad she got to be in there (she's always talked about being in during delivery). I didn't care one bit-my mind was thinking "ouch, hurry people, I need to push".
So Bennett stayed in the room with us for the hour-he scored 9 on the AP GAR test. My mom came in to see him right after he was here and then big brother Landon came with Judy and Janice. As soon as he walked in I started crying. I think I had a lot of emotions (hormones) all day and for some reason seeing him brought it out. He sat with me on the bed and was just taking it all in. He eventually went and looked at his brother as Judy was holding him Bennett, they took a few pictures, and then he sat with me for our first family of four picture. After that he was ready to hold his brother. He didn't kiss him just held him! Bennett cried and Landon definitely looked confused but we talked about how Bennett would cry and that's how he communicates right now. So the next couple of times that he cried Landon didn't seem to mind. Landon opened up his gift that Bennett got him and he loved it all. He would say. "I'm ready to go home and play with my play-doh."
 My mom and sister

 Here comes the big brother :)
 Nice crying face, right?!?

 Lance and the boys with his mom
 Our first family of 4 picture :)
Landon was finally ready to hold his brother.
 Lance with his 2 boys

Around 12:30 they had to take Bennett to the nursery so everyone followed. Lance brought Landon back to the room and we played the iPad and just enjoyed him. After they left Lance and I tried to rest.
 Official weight 9 lb 6 oz
 Official length 19 1/2 in.
Look at that big baby boy!

 Getting to hold my big boy! 
 Poor baby
Definitely a long day and not what I expected but we'll be ok soon. 

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