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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wednesday, February 29

This morning around 2:30 am he was at 21% oxygen (that's room oxygen so yeah on that) and he was getting that at 2.0 liters (the pressure they push oxygen in).
I had called down to the nursery at that time because of the little storm we were having. They were coming in the room saying we were under code Grey-which is for weather warnings.  So we ended up being moved to the hallway at 3:30 am and had to sit out there till the all clear siren which was about 4:00 am. Little eventful night but nothing bad-plus we just had a newborn and I shouldn't be sleeping through a night.
So later on Treneka said he did eat twice through the night and his breathing was really good. But his breathing was a bit high! Dr. Robinson said it was in the 70's so not horrible but still not 60 or below. He said he was going to have Dr. Wilbur look at Bennett and see what he thought. He was still saying TTN but wanted to be sure he wasn't missing anything. So Dr. Wilbur agreed with Robinson and said he'd be doing the same thing. Lance left after we saw Wilbur to go spend time with Landon and I went to see B. Sally is in the nursery today and she said they are going to leave him at 2.0 liters of pressure and his oxygen is still at room %. They are not going to feed him since his breathing is still up and down unless it stays for a few hours under 60. When I was down there he was sleeping really good and comfy. So that is what is best for him-to get rest-so I didn't bother him. Sally called about an hour ago and said he was still content and resting. Good job big boy...get your rest! And they did another X-ray and blood work this morning and everything looks great! He's doing really well but just needs a bit more time.
And I have been released as of this afternoon but they are boarding me. I get to stay in the same room since its just us which is nice. I won't receive nurse care which I've been taking care of myself or with Lance's help so that won't be a problem, I do receive meal trays, and the best part...I get to stay till Bennett goes home. Now do I miss Landon? Oh of course. It makes things easy when I know he is being well taken care of.
So Wednesday at 4:00 pm Dr Robinson said since his breathing is still 60-70 they are going to go back to 30% oxygen and 3.0 on pressure. A step back-not what I wanted. That night Treneka was back. His breathing was already better from upping the oxygen stuff. The plan for the night is to leave him there, no weaning, just keep him good.

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