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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gulf Shores 2011

So we have been in Gulf Shores since last Wednesday and we had a great time!  We started the trip Tuesday afternoon so we could split the trip up since this was Landon's first long trip.  We started on the road at 3:15 PM, we stopped at Marked Tree for food and gas, and then made it into Ridgeland, MS at 9:45 PM.  Landon did so good on the way down and he never had an accident...such a big boy!  The only time Landon got whiny was about 20 miles from our room.  He was getting tired and wanting me (I was up front) and he said "get me out of this carseat".  It was sad so I crawled to the back with him and tried to cuddle.  When we checked in to the hotel you would have thought Landon would want to go to sleep but no.  He was wide awake and ready to have some fun! 
This was his first time to stay in a hotel so I wasn't sure how he'd do.  I tried to get him to sleep in the bed with Lance but after I snuck out he quickly realized his mommy was gone.  He ended up sleeping between me and my mom...awesome!
We woke up to Landon at 6:30 (not sure where my good sleeper was) and got around.  We had breakfast at the hotel and left there around 8:15 AM.  We had about 4 1/2 hours left in the trip so we knew Landon could handle that.  I really like how we split it up and I think we'll continue that for our future trips.  We made 2 stops and Landon did great again!  He only slept 1 hour 30 minutes the entire trip. 
 Here we are going through the tunnel in Mobile and I wasn't sure how Landon would like it.  But this picture tells us he loved it!
 See the ship???
When we got into Gulf Shores we stopped to check-in hoping we could get in early.  Check-in is at 3:00 PM and we were 2 hours early.  The room was ready but she couldn't get us an early code for the room b/c the computer system was shut down for a bit.  She told me to call back in an hour to see if it was ready.  So we went to a souvenir store to pick up some beach stuff.
Then went to my favorite place...Sea-N-Suds for a late lunch.   
 His first look at the beach as we were walking up to the restaurant which is out on the pier.
I love eating there and it is starting to become a little joke since all I eat is a cheeseburger and fries!  But let me tell is the best cheeseburger and fries you'll ever have!  Landon could barely sit still during lunch.  He kept saying he wanted to go to the beach.  Now this was a good thing and a bad thing.  The bad part was we could barely eat our lunch but the good thing about it was during the drive down to Gulf Shores he kept saying he wanted to go home.  I think he just wanted out of the car.  We then headed to the room.  This year we tried a different condo called Island Royale.  I really like the condo but the pool could be better.  I definitely like trying new places each year.  As soon as we got our stuff in the room we all got ready to hit the beach. 

We were kind of nervous about how Landon would do with the beach b/c he can't stand to get his hair washed.  Well he surprised us...he loved it!  He was getting tickled when the water would get him.  We played for a little bit and checked out the pool.  Then we headed back up to the room to get ready to do our Wal-Mart trip.  We were all kind of tired so after Wal-Mart we stayed in the room for the night.

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