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My World

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gulf Shores Day 5

Today I slept till 6:45 so it was a little better.  I got up and made cinnamon rolls for all of us and once the boys got up we enjoyed them!  Lance went down to the beach to set things up and we followed a little behind him.  My uncle Farron was already down there so he played in the sand with Landon and then we all played in the water.  Eventually everyone else made it down to the beach.  It is my uncle Farron, Angie, Haley & Nick, Uncle Keith and Sandy, my cousin Jared, Angela and their two girls, and my cousin Justin, Jennifer and their two girls.  We definitely have a big group and we are taking up a lot of beach space.

 My cousin Nick - Landon had so much fun with him and wouldn't leave his side.
 My mom and my Aunt Sandy
 Just a small part of our set up
Here is our set up and it included three canopies, three umbrellas and about ten chairs.
I am glad they are here because we have more entertainment now.  We have been playing in the waves in our tubes, building sand castles, swimming in the pool, and snacking on the beach.  We actually made it till 12:00 PM and we were out there by 9:00 AM.  But at noon Landon said he wanted to go eat so we all headed up to the room to eat.  I then took him out on the balcony to bounce in the chairs and within 15 minutes he was asleep.  He took a good nap...the whole bunch wore him out this morning.  We went back out after he woke up and stayed till 5:00 PM.  Landon spent a lot of time out in the ocean with us.  They were playing a game in the water so he tried to play too.  We are so surprised at how he did with the water.  Even at the outside shower he was wanting to play under it.  He never likes his face to get wet but this vacation might have helped him...WAHOO!!!  We stayed at the room for dinner to try to eat up some of our food since we leave soon.

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