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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gulf Shores Day 4 (tons of pictures so be ready)

This morning it wasn't Landon waking up at was me!  I guess I can't sleep when it is bright outside.  Landon woke up about 10 minutes after I got up so I went in to get him and we went out on the balcony.  We watched the birds flying by and we colored.  Lance came out shortly after and joined us.  As we were sitting there Lance noticed the dolphins so I tried to get a picture of them.
We ate breakfast and enjoyed the balcony more.  We went to the beach and tried to collect seashells but Landon kept throwing them back into the ocean. 
So sweet!

 I love my little beach baby.

 Throwing the seashells back in the water.

 Footprints of my boys :)
We also tried to get some beach pictures.

Landon found a bit puddle so he had fun with that for awhile.

 We got in the waves for a little bit but Landon got drenched by one so he was done....he was ready for the pool after that.  We played for about an hour there and he did a lot of jumping in.  We went back up to the room to eat lunch before the Dailey's got here.  Chris went to school with Lance and Melissa and I became good friends at the boys class reunion a couple years ago.  They live an hour away and we try to see them when we are here and when they go to Viola we meet them over there.  The boys went golfing and so Melissa and Madelyn hung out with me, Landon & my mom on the beach.  Madelyn is about 6 months older than Landon and they had so much fun.  We started at the beach and we played in the water and then played in the sandbox. :)  I notice a big difference when Landon has a little buddy to play with in the sand...he stays longer.  After getting all sandy we went to the pool.  The kids had fun jumping in and swimming around.  Madelyn is a brave girl in the water.  She kept telling her mom to let go of her but Melissa wouldn't.  Landon was getting so tired but just never gave in.  Melissa and I took the kids up to the room around 1:30 to try to rest.  Lets just say the kids didn't fall asleep till 5:30 PM.  The kids were funny to watch.  They would pretend to drive places.  They'd get in the chair, buckle up and drive to church/hospital/Disney world.  They also would act like babies and lay down & cover each other up.  The boys finished golfing at 4:15 PM and we decided to call in an order to Sea-N-Suds...yummy!  They were going to go pick it up but the traffic here is horrible so Melissa, Madelyn and I decided to go get it.  (That is when the kids fell asleep.)  We got back and ate while the kids slept and the boys got home two hours later.  I asked Lance how long it took him to get there this afternoon and he said 20-25 minutes.  And it took them two hours to get home....crazy!  When they got here they ate and then we made them get the kiddos up.  We visited for a little bit and then they headed home. 

As we were on the balcony taking pictures I saw my cousins and told them to come to our room until they got their key to their room.  They came and hung out for a little bit. 
I know it is going to be a fun next couple of days with everyone here.  I've been talking to my uncle on the phone and they are trying to get here but traffic is horrible.  They said from the tunnel to Gulf Shores usually takes one hour but it has taken them six hours today.  I would be so frustrated.  I actually just got a text and they are here.  They left at 3:00 AM and it is now 9:00 PM.  Hate that for them.  We are going to go see them real fast and then head to bed.

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