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My World

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gulf Shores Day 3

Today we woke up again at 6:30...awesome!  Once everyone got up we had breakfast and Lance & I decided to go to the outlet mall in Foley.  My mom offered to keep Landon at the room so we took her up on it.  After we got back we got ready and headed down to the beach.  We had bought Landon a boogie board so of course we had to play with that first.  He kept calling it his skateboard and would jump up & down on it.  It definitely was a three man job for this activity.  Lance was holding the rope of the boogie board behind Landon and me & my mom were holding Landon's hands on each side.  We finally convinced him to go out in the waves as we held him.  And of course a big wave got us so he was done with the ocean.  He wanted to go to the pool and this is where we spent a lot of our time this afternoon.  We met a little girl who was doing all kinds of tricks in the pool & Landon definitely had fun watching her.  If the girl went to one end of the pool Landon wanted to go to that end.  He was a wild man.  When we were ready to leave he definitely had a 2 1/2 year old tantrum.  We went to the beach but quickly realized that he needed a nap.  Lance took him up and I decided to stay down.  My mom ran upstairs but came right back.  I made her go out in the waves with me. :)  She is pretty short and the waves are a lot harder on her than they are on me.  I kept telling her to jump but she didn't seem to jump at the right time.  She got drenched a couple times.  It was pretty hilarious...sorry mom!  As soon as Landon woke up he ate lunch and we headed to town.  Lance and Landon went to watch Cars 2 and me & my mom went to Target to shop.  Lance sent me a text asking where we were and when we could be back.  I guess Landon enjoyed the first part of the movie but after a little while he decided he wanted to go home.  Lance said he kept telling him that so we picked them up a bit early.  We came back to the room and had pizza.  We are now resting and gearing up for another beach day tomorrow.

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